Placing an order

Customers use electronic forms to order item(s). A customer is any person who uses an electronic form to order at least one item, fills out required information, and submits an order. All prices are indicated in Euros, VAT included. Items are ordered through electronic forms, by clicking on the selected item and adding it to the cart. Item(s) are considered as ordered when a customer selects and confirms payment details.


Ordered items are packed to withhold damages from standard shipment and delivery handling. Upon delivery, customers should inspect the package and in case of product damage, immediately proceed with the below outlined return and replacement policy. In cases where customers do not receive their orders or delivery notifications after shipment and in the estimated timeframe, customers may notify the seller to undertake a search for the missing item(s) or send a replacement. If a customer refuses to accept ordered item(s), the seller has the right to request compensation associated with shipment rates and handling. The seller is obliged to send the item(s) upon receiving confirmation of the online transaction.

Return and replacement policy

Web shop items can be returned within seven (7) days of receipt of delivery if you received a damaged product or one you did not order.

Should we receive back the ordered items following failed delivery attempts, Novi dan d.o.o. will send two additional notifications within a month. The address provided in response to one of the two notifications will be considered as the new shipping address. If the address is in Bosnia and Hercegovina, the item(s) will be sent free of charge. However, in cases of international shipment, the customers pay shipment fees. If we do not receive a response to additional notifications within 60 days of receipt of order, we will delete the order and issue a refund (minus shipment fees).

Additional help

Should you have questions related to your order or special delivery options and payment, you can contact us at

Payment methods

  • Credit or debit cards via Monri
  • Paypal

Credit card payment security

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryptions are used to protect your data with 128-bytes data encryptions. SSL is a standard security technology used for secure transmission of sensitive information. In this way, unauthorized access to sensitive data used during information transmission between users’ digital devices and Monri, and vice versa. The seller does not store credit card numbers and does not divulge information to unauthorized persons.


We protect customers’ data by requesting only basic information necessary for purchasing and shipment. Additionally, we inform our customers about the way we use their personal data. All personal data are confidential and only available to Novi dan d.o.o. for the purposes of conducting business. Our employees and business partners adhere to the same confidentiality standards.

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