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We are proud owner of ECOCERT Organic certificate for our helichrysum italicum oil and plants.

GC ANALYSE -Helichrysum Italicum oil

Besides organic farming and purity the most important thing about helichrysum italicum oil.


Here we briefly describe the process of getting helichrysum essential oil on our farm from the seeds to the distillery.


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Some interesting facts about helichrysum italicum. Uses, benefits for health, what to look for...


Photo story of progression on our farm. From seed ,plant to organic helichrysum italicum oil.

Helichrysum italicum oil farm and distillery

Beautifull helichrysum italicum oil plant

Explore the Excellence of Our Organic Helichrysum Italicum Oil

Welcome to our family farm, dedicated to cultivating organic helichrysum italicum immortelle plants in their natural habitat. Our commitment to quality is evident in the production of the finest organic helichrysum italicum oil.

Why Our Helichrysum Italicum Oil Stands Out:

Helichrysum italicum plants on our farm
  • Mediterranean Excellence: Flourishing in its native environment with abundant sunny days and a Mediterranean climate, our helichrysum plants yield high-quality essential oil.
  • Unique Soil Composition: The perfect blend of soil conditions and indigenous growth results in a well-balanced essential oil with exceptional key ingredients.
  • Wild Origins: Harvesting seeds from wild plants and planting them on same spot ensures our plants are truly wild, contributing to the production of a one-of-a-kind oil.
  • Organic Certification: Our commitment to organic practices is confirmed by the ECOCERT organic certificate, covering everything from seeds and seedlings to the final helichrysum italicum oil, verified by GC/MS ANALYSIS.

Digital Low-Pressure Distillation:


Our digital low-pressure distillery, a pinnacle of steam distillation, allows us to control every parameter during distillation. This ensures the optimal extraction of essential oils, maintaining the purity and potency of our helichrysum oil.

Wholesale Excellence, Retail Accessibility:

As farm and wholesalers, our goal is extend the opportunity for end-users to experience premium essential oils at an affordable price. Given the prevalence of counterfeits and high prices, we believe in making authentic helichrysum italicum oil accessible.

Connect with Us:

For wholesale inquiries, reach out via email or fill out the contact form on the right. Retail customers can explore our offerings on Ebay, Etsy, or purchase directly from our website.

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(The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades)

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We offer a reliable supply of high quality organically certified helichrysum italicum essential oil.

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