GC ANALYSIS 2017 – Helichrysum Italicum oil samples

Most important thing about immortelle essential oil in addition to organic farmingis is GC analysis. On our farm we choose quality over quantity.
We have one of the best analysis in region and we are one of the few that are transparently show them on the Internet.
As we expected in 2017, we got even higher quality oil.

Helichrysum italicum analysis Pappas

The analysis was done by essential oil chemist Dr. Robert Pappas and Essential Oil University.

GC ANALYSIS 2016 – Helichrysum Italicum oil samples

Here you will find all GC analysis of Helichrysum oil from our plantation in 2016. An analysis was conducted at the Institute “Dr Josif Pancic” in Belgrade.

We also send our oil to the tests in different labs. One of that testing was done by Dr. Pappas a Ph.D. chemist at Essential Oil University.

The first analysis on the website is from sample collected by mixing all oil distilled in 2016.
( under “all oil” we mean the pattern of young plants, the pattern of the older plants from spring and autumn harvest. )

It is interesting to see how the value of the individual components changes depending on the time of harvest (Juny-July and October) and the age of the plant.
Since we are a young plantation (2015.) we wanted to take the opportunity to see the value of the oil at all stages of plant development and at different times of harvest. We think that this will allow us a better quality of oil in future harvests because we want studious approach the process of cultivating, harvesting and distillation. As analysis confirmed harvest time and the location and age of the plant, together with some other factors certainly affect the quality of immortelle essential oil.

GC analyzes showed that each sample from our farm have one of the best results in important values. ( in the region. )

Oil is overall well balanced with high major components. (high in nery, italdiones, pinene and curcumene) ( we believe it is becouse our plantation is growing just like wild helichrysum italicum, without any watering and fertilization. ) With that in mind we cant wait for 2017. harvest and new analysis.

Sample from total harvest in 2016. ( Juny-July, October, from young and older plants )
Helichrysum italicum GC analysis total
Helichrysum italicum oil total GC analysis
Helichrysum italicum GC analysis page 2
Helichrysum oil analysis
Sample from total helichrysum italicum harvest in 2016. – Dr. Pappas analysis – Essential Oil University
Helichrysum Italicum analysis from dr Pappas
These is analysis from all harvests.
In October we have small harvest ( climate condition was not very good for size of plants but oil quality was very good )
Neryl acetate from these distillation was 13,99.
GC analysis below is from the OCTOBER HARVEST 2016 when we produce only 1kg of oil.

Helichrysum italicum october harvest - highest neryl
Helichrysum italicum october harvest
Helichrysum Italicum october harvest page 2
Helichrysum Italicum october harvest page 2
Next two analysis is from July harvest. We send two sample for analyse. One from younger plants with less flowers and other
from one year old plants with more flowers. Some components are completely different even though it is the same kind of plants
in the same soil under the same climatic conditions. We distilled a total of 4 kg of immortelle essential oil.
Here you can see sample from june – july 2016 harvest. ( 2 samples from plants at diferent stage of growth )

Helichrysum italicum analysis fron june - page 1
Helichrysum italicum analysis fron june – page 1
Helichrysum italicum analysis fron june - page 2
Helichrysum italicum analysis fron june – p
Also June – July 2016. harvest , but diferent age of plants.

Immortelle analysis helichrysum italicum from june-july page 1
Immortelle analysis helichrysum italicum from june-july
Immortelle analysis helichrysum italicum from june-july page 2
Immortelle analysis helichrysum italicum from june-july page 2

From all of these analyzes it is apparent that components of oil is changing depending on the plant age , time of harvest and distillation.

Nevertheless, the unique climate and the position of our plantation that was built on the natural habitat of Helichrysum italicum
in all cases give a very high quality oil.

Immortelle oil from our plantation is not oil that is rich in only one component, but it is oil that is well-balanced and rich in all major components that helichrysum oil should have.

We will regularly post analysis of our helichrysum essential oil after each harvest, just like any other news from farm and in 2017 there will be a lot of things happening on the farm.