From 15.11.2016. we are proud owner of ECOCERT organic certificate for North America and Europe.
Our helichrysum italicum plants and products are 100 % organic.

Moreover, our immortelle plants are obtained from the wild seeds and after planting we do not cultivate them anymore. We don’t fertilize them, instead we let them grow just like in nature. Our helichrysum italicum plants are harvested by hand, thus excluding the slightest possibility of contamination with machines.

We chose quality instead of quantity.

Becouse of all that, unique soil, mediterranean climates conditions with lots of sunny days and indigenous species of immortele we have very good GC Analysis results.

Ecocert organic immortelle

ECOCERT Organic Helichrysum italicum

Helichrysum Italicum certificate for North America

Helichrysum italicum certificate for Europe

Helichrysum italicum plants on our farm