New things on the farm

rosemary on helichrysum farm

In 2020, we will plant a lot of new medicinal plants such as rosemary, sage, lavandin and lavender, almond tree, figs, olives and many many more, as well replace the wilted plants from last year.

This will contribute to much larger and more diverse range of quality organic products from our farm and distillery.

Due to the good climate that is conducive to the growth of Mediterranean medicinal plants, we expect very good yield and quality.

rosemary seedlings on helichrysum farm

Make sure to check our site regularly for more updates from farm, giveaways, gifts, cooperations & collabs, discounts and many more are yet to come.

Stay safe in these times!

NewDay Ltd

Almonds on helichrysum farm

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Charles Muniz · 09/02/2021 at 22:54

Do you farm and distill helichrysum, rosemary and sage essential oils?

Do you provide GC/MS analysis for your oils? Do your oils meet the ISO or AFNOR standards?

Can you give me an idea on the cost of your oils? Thank you very much.

Charles Muniz

    novidan · 10/02/2021 at 13:35

    Hi Charles,

    yes we farm and distill named oils, primary helichrysum . These year we will have also resemary and sage,
    we provide GC/MS analysis for all our essential oils and batches.

    regarding order and pricing we will contact you on email,

    kind regards,

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